France at the initiative

Seventh world economic power, ranked 21st in the world for its population and 47th for its area, should France be considered as a middle power which would have more power to say than to do?

We do not resolve to it.


On the contrary, we want to respond to the ambition expressed by the President of the Republic for a bolder France that is stronger in Europe and in the world .  

Because in the new “de-Europeanized” world order, characterized by the transformation of international power relations (shift of the world economy towards South-East Asia, the rise of China, the rise of India, unilateralism of United States, division of Europe, return of Russia) and the emergence of structuring transversal issues (energy, climate, digital, space, demographic pressure, international migration), France must more than ever demonstrate that it knows how to move from speech to action for the benefit of all .


Especially since France has all the assets for this with, in particular, an exceptional pool: the 3 million French people in our communities around the world , a workforce that is constantly growing (3% / year). These French people abroad have a fine and lasting knowledge of the countries where they live. They are the spearhead of a France that succeeds in globalization. However, a large number of them develop their activity outside the traditional network of organizations which support France abroad.


The mobilization of these vital forces would multiply the information circuits in a constrained budgetary context and would offer a complementary original point of support for the diplomatic and institutional network so that France shines even more.

The Club France Initiative

The “Club France Initiative” project was born from this conviction: for France to be stronger internationally, the French presence in the world is a formidable source of information and influence to be exploited in addition to traditional networks.

The aim of the Club France Initiative is therefore to connect and mobilize the vital forces of French people living abroad who, every day,  often on the fringes of traditional networks, make a concrete contribution to the influence of France, in order to inform public and private decision-makers on innovative ways and means of strengthening French influence in Europe and in the world.


It concerns and is of interest to all actors of French influence, in France and abroad : all decision-makers, influencers and actors in the fields of diplomacy, politics, economy, culture, sciences, etc.


To achieve its objective, the Club France Initiative networks French people living abroad, mobilizes  the various stakeholders of French influence internationally, develops and advocates innovative proposals for a stronger France internationally.

It also offers the drafting of analytical notes, monitoring, training, information and networking services for those with cultural, diplomatic, economic, scientific and strategic projects internationally.

The Club France Initiative is therefore the community of all those who want to unite their thoughts and actions so that France is stronger on the international scene.

Le Bureau





Christian KOENIG

Secrétaire Général


Bénédicte MAERTEN


Députée de la 11e circonscription législative des Français établis hors de France (49 pays d'Asie, d'Océanie et d'Europe orientale)

Ancien Professeur et Directeur des relations internationales à l'ESSEC

Cadre en gestion


Le Comité Stratégique


Jean-Maurice RIPERT








Ancien Ambassadeur

de France (France)

Spécialiste des politiques publiques et des affaires publiques, Co-fondateur du Club France Initiative (Pays-Bas)

Directrice de l’Institut de recherche en santé mentale de Palo Alto (Etats-Unis)








Ancien cadre dirigeant d'un groupe du secteur énergie (Emirats Arabes Unis)

Marchand d'art Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur (Inde)

About Anne Genetet

Anne Genetet remet au Premier ministre Edouard Philippe son rapport sur la mobilité internationale des Français

Member of Parliament of the 11th constituency of the French living outside France (the largest with 49 countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Oceania), resident in Singapore since 2005, Anne Genetet has long been mobilized for an influential France in Europe and the world.

Particularly involved in the National Assembly on issues related to international mobility, she is the author of a report submitted to Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in September 2018 containing 215 proposals for the service of French people abroad on taxation, social protection, administrative simplification and return to France.


Within the Foreign Affairs Committee, Anne Genetet tirelessly pleads for the emergence of a new diplomatic model more oriented towards emerging poles of power and civil societies, more agile, more influential and more efficient .


The Member of Parliament is also Vice-President of the study group "Attractiveness of France - export - investment - competitiveness" at the National Assembly. In May 2019, she was elected President of the France-Iran Friendship Group. Within the movement La République En Marche (LREM), she is a delegate to the French abroad and to the elections, associate member of the Executive Board.